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2022 Business Summit

2022 Business Summit

Thursday, August 11, 2022 (7:30 AM - 12:30 PM) (EDT)


Start, strengthen and grow your business. 

Join us at HCC for a series of seminars focusing on innovative business strategies relating to Human Resources, Leadership, Marketing, and Finance. We also have a special track for non-profits! 

Our keynote speaker will be Lesley Riley, Owner of Mama's Biscuits!

An IT Project Manager by day, and a self-proclaimed gourmet biscuit baker at night. Lesley Riley, now affectionately goes by the name “Mama Biscuit” and is the nation’s first gourmet biscuit company where she’s “bringing a Northern flair to a Southern classic” with her gourmet biscuit line.

We're inviting professionals from various areas of business to speak about the topics they know best. See the list below! You can choose a mix of three different seminars to attend the day of the event!

- Labor Laws with Doug Desmarais of Smith & Downey, P.A.
- How to Manage Your Business and Employees with Mekayla Plotner of Horizon Goodwill Industries
- Maintaining a Positive Work Environment with Randy Scott of Chick-fil-A Hagerstown
- Guerrilla Marketing with Kelsi Palmer of Kite & Anchor
- How to Get More Followers with Jason Shank of Grey Street, Inc. 
- Connecting You and Your Business to the Community with Eddie Peters of LegalShield
- The Budgeting Process with Erin Clark of SEK, CPAs & Advisors
- Funding Options for Your Business with Tereance Moore of Community Mediation Maryland: Mediation First, Inc.
- Business Taxes and What You Should Know with Bev Stitely of Saunders Tax & Accounting, Inc.
The Business of Nonprofits
- Strategic Planning with Mary Ellen Waltemire of One Step Closer Coaching
- Board Governance with Lori Wriston of ValorExcel
- Grants & Funding with Geordie Newman of Washington County Community Action Council, Inc.


Room 210:     Financial: Funding Options for Your Business                       Speaker: Tereance Moore

Attend this insightful seminar for a discussion of the different options available to help you get the funding you need.     

Room 212:      HR/Leadership: Labor Laws                                Speaker: Doug Desmarias

Maryland's General Assembly session just ended, with the passage of significant new employment legislation, including minimum wage increases, expanded workplace harassment protections, new leave rights, restrictions on criminal background checks, and more. Learn how to comply labor laws that have a significant impact on your company and employees.

Room 213:      Business of Non-Profits: Strategic Planning                             Speaker: Mary Ellen Waltemire

This session will provide you with the key aspects you should consider that will help you as you develop, update, and implement your strategic plan.

Room 214:      Marketing: Guerrilla Marketing                             Speaker: Kelsi Palmer

Join Kelsi Palmer of Kite & Anchor to learn about the use of this unique marketing strategy. Guerrilla Marketing is utilizing unconventional interactions to build brand awareness & promote action taking. Learn promotional tactics that are often low or no cost and bring an element of surprise to both your new & loyal customers.


Room 210:      Financial: The Budgeting Process                        Speaker: Erin Clark

Having a business budget is key to working effectively as a small business owner and especially if you're running a business with a business partner. In this seminar, you will learn how a budget can help grow your business and solve problems.

Room 212:      HR/Leadership: How to manage your business & employees                  Speaker: Mekayla Plotner

Positively managing and leading your employees is a critical part of business success. Come learn ways to engage and interact with your employees so that they continue to help your business grow and thrive.  

Room 213:      Business of Non-Profits: Board Governance                          Speaker: Lori Wriston

The Board of Directors is responsible for assuring that a nonprofit is making progress toward achieving its mission of service to the community. Learn how you can strengthen your board based on wherever you fall in your nonprofit lifecycle.

Room 214:      Marketing: Connecting You and Your Business to the Community                 Speaker: Eddie Peters

When a company makes a commitment to the community as part of its core business strategy, it not only helps attract and retain top employees, but it also positions itself positively among customers and, increasingly, improves its position in the market. Learn how to leverage your involvement with the community to help you be more successful.  


Room 210:      Financial: Business Taxes What you should know                            Speaker: Bev Stitely

April 15th arrives every year, and always sooner than you think! Join this session with certified CPA and small business tax expert Bev Stitely. You have tax questions? Bev has tax answers. 

Room 212:      HR/Leadership: Maintaining a Positive Work Environment                             Speaker: Randy Scott

Learn how to create a positive work environment that will help boost employee morale, retention and productivity.

Room 213:      Business of Non-Profits: Grants & Funding                            Speaker: Geordie Newman

Whatever the dominant attitude towards money in your nonprofit, the incontrovertible truth is that non-profits need money to survive. All organizations do. And there are plenty of ways to get it. Individual donations, corporate sponsorships, membership fees…learn how to find and acquire the various funding sources available.

Room 214:      Marketing: How to Get More Followers                             Speakers: Jason Shank

Join Jason Shank of Grey Street Digital to better understand options for turning followers into actual business customers. Connect with more customers by taking and enhancing your business online. Good tips for increasing engagement across ALL digital platforms and online business profiles. 

Plus each attendee will be entered into a prize drawing to win an iPad!!

Thanks to our sponsors:


(formerly WDVM)

Hagerstown Community College
11400 Robinwood Dr.
Hagerstown, MD 21742 United States
Thursday, August 11, 2022 (7:30 AM - 12:30 PM) (EDT)
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